Baphomet (バフォメット Bafometto) was Dantalion's butler and the only member of his household. He also had a long-time rivalry with Leonard. He dies in Pillar 63 protecting William.[1]


He is tall, having the head of a black goat (with long horns) in his demon form. In his human form, Baphomet is quite good-looking, appearing around thirty years of age, with a goatee on his chin. His hair is falls up to his shoulders, and is somewhat wavy and black, with two white streaks (a homage to his horns—absent in the anime) framing his face.


Baphomet is a composed individual. In the past he was quite prideful, and disdainful of Nephilim, now he is very loyal to Dantalion (going as far as to sacrifice his life to protect what Dantalion cares about, despite death meaning to completely disappear from the world for demons), and is the only member of his household. He even learned how to cook and bake (abilities he now takes pride in) in order to take care of his master.


He served the Second Astaroth, commanding 54 legions of demons. However, he had a falling out as his master, because the latter appointed a nephilim as his successor.[2] During a battle with Heaven, in which his master fell into a Death Sleep, he first saw Dantalion, thinking of him as a monster due to his great power.[3]

He suffered a wound in the battle and had been robbed of his status. After the end of the battle Dantalion comes to him, offering him to join his side and watch as he ascended to the top of the demon world.[4]Gilles de Rais mentions he hadn't slept in 700 years.[5]

He dies after getting part of his soul taken by Empusa and shielding William Twining.


  • He was also known as Satanachia.[6]
  • Gilles de Rais calls him an Earl.[7]
  • He used to be the commander (having the title Commodore) of the Inferno Brigade.[8]