Bianca Clifford (ビアンカ・クリフォード Bianka Kurifōdo) is the only child of a the Clifford family, a noble and wealthy family.


Lady Bianca wears the typical, high class attire of a noblewoman in Victorian England; consistion of a corset and a gown with (very likely) everaly layers. Her colour schematics weren't given but she wears her hair long and it is cut in several layers (seemingly princess style). She's quite pretty.


She seems like an adorable girl, rater sensitive, and apparently persistent. She cares about Mary, her governess and childhood friend very much, and considers her family. She is capable of taking action when it needs be done, as she arranges a trap for a serial killer.


Lady Bianca is an only child, and her only childhood playmate was Mary. They used to play tag often and Mary never cut corners, so all she's see of her was her back - runnung away.[1] However, Bianca would always catch up to her in the end, no matter what.[2]

They were running late for a play, and couldn't catch a carriage when the were targeted by Jack The Ripper. After falling, which prompted Mary to draw the killer away, Bianca ran until she bumped into William and asked him to help her. They went back and found Mary on the ground with the killer ready to finish her. After intervening, and losing the Killer, she invites William to her home to change out of his dirty clothes. [3]

When William finds he's lost Solomon's ring, Bianca mentiones her uncle, who's an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard, and they form a plan to catch Jack The Ripper with the help of the Police. However, they are put to sleep by Camio before they could spring the trap.[4]


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