Camio was born to Cassandra of Troy and grew up on a mountain, trapped, essentially, because the people hated him because of his demon blood. He grew to despise humans and demons alike, seeing no good in either. For years, he wandered the earth, murdering those who came across his path. One day, Solomon found him and called upon him. Telling him that he would love him and that he understood Camio and his pain. Camio accepted and became one of the seventy-two pillars of Solomon. After Solomon died, it is not known what Camio did or where he went. However, it is known that he remained in England after arriving there after an unknown time.
At some point, Camio met his future butler, who noticed Camio didn't age. After some more time, he vanished, leaving the other. When Uriel came to take him to heaven, Camio came back to turn him into a demon.