Cassandra was a Princess of Troy and Queen of Illios, blessed by the god Apollo, whom people called "The Prophet of Doom". Lucifer is said to have been the only love of her life, and with him she had a child, a son named Camio.[1]


Cassandra had dark hair, parted in the middle, that reached to her shoulder blades, which she wore bound and decorated with hair ornaments and thrown over her left shoulder. She wore what looks like a typical, Greek dress of that time called a chiton.

She seemed like a calm and accepting person, who loved her world very much (as shown when she cried at the prophecy that it would all be destroyed.[2])


Cassandra was the Queen of Illios, and a prophet blessed by the god Apollo. At some point, she met Lucifer and fell in love with him (Camio says that he then threw her away).[3] Having given birth to Camio, she was confined to a rocky mountain temple.[4] She had a prophecy involving the end of her world, seeing the angels coming.[5]


  • "See there, Camio? The Angels have come. (...) They have come to destroy our Gods and our World- This world is constructed in such a way. The world that has been seperated will become one the instant God becomes one."[6]
  • (Camio:"What will happen to our Gods? To Apollo and Zeus?") "They will dissapear... or -they will change their names and go to another world. (...) The world of your true father."[7]

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1 Cassandra A princess of Troy in the Greek Myths, and a prophet of violence. Praised as the most beautiful of the King’s daughters, she was given the power of prophecy by the god Apollo who loved her; but with that power, she foresaw that Apollo’s love for her would grow cold and thus refused him.

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2 Angered by this, Apollo cursed Cassandra so that no one would believe her prophecies. Thus, while telling many prophecies about the tragedies that were to befall Troy, no one believed her; when the city of Troy fell, she was violated in front of a god by the enemy’s Ajax, and then fell into the hands of an enemy again – Agamemnon, and was killed by his wife.

3 Isaac: Uu… What a tragic life I don’t like this uuu

Cassandra: It’s much more fortunate not being able to see the future even if you won’t be able to advance to the next form again next term…

4 Isaac: Eh? (Is that so?)

Cassandra: Ah… (Oops) [8] [9]


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