Gilles meeting...
Gilles de Rais was a former general of Jeanne D Arc. He was one of her closest allies on the battlefield. After a while, Gilles developed feelings for Jeanne. However, he never got the chance to confess, as Jeanne was burned at the stake under suspicion of witchcraft and treachery. He then witnessed Micheal use ecstasy on Jeanne. After her death, Gilles became a murderer. He would kidnap,rape,and kill innocents. Sometime later he was caught and was to be punished by being hung. While he was in his cell, he broke down yelling how it was unfair how Jeanne had died. Baalberith appeared and told him of what had happened to Jeanne and how she was now under ecstasy. He offered him a choice to work for him and get a chance to save Jeanne. At his death, Gilles accepted just as he was hung.



Gilles first appears attempting to kidnap William for an unknown reason, but is stopped by Dantalian's arrival. After Dantalian insults Jeanne, the two engage in a battle that destroys Dantalian's mansion. They are stopped by William who (unknowingly) uses his elector powers to stop Dantalian. Gilles departs after this, expressing interest in William.


Just like in the manga, Gilles first appears attempting to kidnap William, but is stopped by Dantalian's arrival. The two engage in a devistating battle after Dantalian insults Jeanne and Gilles taunts Dantalian about his reason for going to hell, causing Dantalian to go berserk. Two engage in a deadly battle, until William stops them. Gilles expresses some interest in William before departing.
In episode 9, Gilles is sent to protect William from Heaven who wants to put him under ecstasy. When he sees Kevin about to use ecstasy, he remarks about how clever the plan was. He shouts at Amon and Mamon for wanting to get Dantalian. When he battles Raguel, he says that an angel is crueler than any demon and explains his reason. When he was still human, he was in love with Jeanne 'D Arc, who died because of the people she protected. After her death, Gilles lost all faith in god, as he believed God would not have let her die. When Raguel reveals who is leading the army into hell, Gilles snaps. He brutally attacks Raguel, and most likely would have killed him had Kevin and Dantalian, who knocks him out, not appeared.