Kevin is actually Uriel, the angel of repentance. His past is not known, though, at some point he punished Solomon for not destroying demons.



In chapter 1, Kevin appears welcoming William home and informing him of his uncle's bankruptcy, and of everyone leaving the household. Kevin then demonstrates his gambling habit by betting on William,much to the latter's dislike. He follows William to the basement where Dantalian is summoned. He then proceeds to tie him up. After hearing Dantalian's explanation, Kevin calls the police. In chapter 2, Kevin is not seen at the beginning, as he is looking for William, who was transported to hell. When he sees Dantalian, who escaped. He ties him up using Secret Technique: Instant Death Rope Binding. He then asks Dantalian where William is.


Just like in the manga, Kevin welcomes William home and tells him of his uncle's bankruptcy. He is also there when William accidentally summons Dantalian and ties him up.