Mary (メアリー Mearī) is the Governess of Lady Bianca Clifford.[1]


Mary has black hair, parted over her right eye and pulled up in a typical style for the time, her eyecolour is unknown. She aldo wears the usual attire for the Victorian era, consisting of a corset and a long dress (gown).


She appears to be a pretty robust person, very brave, and unafraid to draw dangerous attention if it ment saving people dear to her, who she looks to be fiercely protective of. She doesn't seem to do things halfheartedly, as Bianca recalls that she never cuts corners.[2]


She was the childhood friend and playmate of Lady Bianca, who considers her family. They used to play tag often, and Mary always ran fast, so all Bianca would see of her was her back.[3]

They couldn't catch a carriage and were already running late for a play when they were targeted by Jack The Ripper. When Bianca fell, Mary went to draw away the attention of the killer in order for the former to escape. She tripped and fell, and was close to being killed when she was saved by William (whom Bianca got to help her), and in term saved him brom being decapitated.[4]

Later, when William discovered Solomon's Ring was gone, she was part of the scheme hatched to catch the serial killer - which involved (enthusiastically) putting William in a dress. They were put to sleep by Camio before they could spring their trap.[5]


  • It should be noted that running in a corset is very difficult (and taxing, not to mention extremely tiring), as the thing constricts both proper breathing and movement. So the fact that Mary could heep running from a man (who was a demon in disguise) and not get caught until she tripped, makes her a very strong woman.


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