Michael and Metatron sealing their bond

It was Michael that gave Enoch, now Metatron, the exhultation/ecstasy of Heaven, and made him into and Angel. Metatron was the first Human that came to Heaven, a thing made even more significant because Michael himself accepted him. For a long time he was Michael's confidant[1].

Lately, however, their relationship has soured as Metatron seeks to "betray" Michael, and wrest the control of over Heaven from him (a thing made possible due to Michael weakening). He does not seem to wish him true ill will, as he has often stated that "the Old Man should Rest already", otherwise he would fade away. He also once said he didn't want to lose him[2].

Kevin Cecil / Uriel Edit

Metatron and Uriel seem to be on good terms, as neither interacts with the other that much. They were both very loyal to Michael. Metatron tired to get Uriel to betray Michael as well, but ultimately failed. He was also, along with Camio, Sytry and Dantalion, responsible for arranging the circumstances that revealed Kevin's true identity as the angel Uriel to William.

William Twining Edit

William and Metatron have not been shown interacting that much, though he did become William's "fag" and spent time with him, their relationship could be comparable to Isaac and William's friendship. Metatron, as Sean (or Sion), would perform menial tasks for William as his "fag" such as collecting club invitations for him. He would also join William for tea time. When Kevin reveals Sean's true identity to him, William displays a disconcerting expression, but says nothing.