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Pillar 10
Kanji 第10柱
Rōmaji Dai 10-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 02
Chapter 10
Release date N/A
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Pillar 10 (第10柱 Dai 10-hashira) is the tenth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


William is first in the rankings again and will be moving up in the sixth year soon, while Isaac remains in the lower fifth year.

Kevin has returned from Egypt, but hasn't found Lord Barton. William plans to spend his holidays with Kevin trying to raise money, when Isaac invites him to stay with him as part time work. His brother is gettin married soon, but there are ghosts appearing at his house he wants William to help with. William refuses, but is begged into accepting.

Sytry comes along too, as Isaac bribed him with sweets.

Isaacs family are merchants trading spices and tea from India and have lots of servants who call William an exorcist.

Meanwhile, back at Twining Residence Kevin is amusing himself by guessing the order of size of the potatoes he's plucking.

There's an old mill in the backyard, being demolished so a house for Isaac's brother and his fiancee can be built. But construction was stopped by ghosts. The house was actually really cheap when they bought it. Sytry is gorging himself on sweets during this time.

At William's house, Dantalion confronts Kevin, wanting to Know who he is. Kevin replies that he is merely a butler, but Dantalion seems to know something and leaves with Amon and Mamon.

At night, William is Pissed with Isaac's snoring when they hear singing, they go to the back yard where they see a tiny man, thinking him to be the ghost. Isaac panic and runs away while Sytry whaches on from the background.

Next, William has had enough, he hadn't slept for three night and goes to the mill. There he confronts the ghost, stating him his rights. Turns out, the Ghost milled flour with the mill, but there is no work for him any longer.

Sytry identifies him as a Killmoulis, a fairy, and Isaac is ecstatic. Killmoulis will grind up anything if there is no flour, even flesh, but Sytry says they can be made to do anything by saying the words "old Killmoulis".

William finds a solution, and has Isaac send the Killmoulis to India to grind spices. Now Killmouls' are being rectuited for work.


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