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Pillar 11
Kanji 第11柱
Rōmaji Dai 11-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 02
Chapter 11
Release date N/A
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Pillar 11 (第11柱 Dai 11-hashira) is the eleventh chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


William contemplates telling the Reverend, as that would bring his everyday life back, but then remembers he'd be thought of as insane if actually did it and wilts. He says it's nothing and goes to leave, Crosby tells him not to worry as they will all be put to rest.

William runs into Dantalion on the way, and learned about Solomon and the Pillars, but he didn't care. He says that if he can command him because he's a descendant of Solomon, then he should never appear in front of him again.

Dantalion replies that commanding only works on the Pillars, and that the reason he can command them isn't because he's a descendant - and asks William "why don't you remember". He asks if he's an illusion even though he can touch him. William has a recollection of Solomon and leaves.

Crosby has overheard a part of the conversation.

In the dorm, Isaac says that an underclassman really saw a ghost, and they are confronted by underclassmen about it afterwards. They go outside to investigate along with Sytry, who confronts William about the same issue as Dantalion.

The ghost appears, and they go into the woods after him, and Sytry offers to take care of it for William. The ghost, turning out to be a demon, attacks Sytry and lures him into the church.

There reverend Crosby confronts them and knows of Sytry, and of the Elector.


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