Pillar 13
Kanji 第13柱
Rōmaji Dai 13-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 03
Chapter 13
Release date N/A
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Pillar 13 (第13柱 Dai 13-hashira) is the thirteenth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


The chapter begins by Exorcists exorcising the demon Lilith. If the Middle eastern military reinforcement plan is approved, the power of the Demon World will be greater, and England will fall in the hands of demons.

An angel with only one wing appears before the exorcists, telling them he is handling the problem in the government, but that the real problem is Solomon's soul, the demons must not have it.

Kevin is leading mass, and William confronts him that he didn't know he was a priest. Kevin has a request, that he is now reverend Cecil, and that William should refrain from talking to him about personal matters.

From then on, Kevin has avoided William. Isaac asks William to cheer up, for the first time seeing William concerned about another person.

On visiting day, Swallow asks William for a day off as today his father is coming. William agrees.

William remembers his childhood with Kevin, and is saddened. Adrian Swallow comes looking for his son, and, upon shaking William's hand, invites him for dinner. William is saved from replying by the timely intervention of Kevin, who is gone by the time William turns to thank him.

Dantalion suddenly asks if he's been abandoned, saying that he's here for him. William leaves, and Dantalion and Sytry comment that Beelzebub must be somehow involved. Dantalion orders Amon and Mamon to confirm something with Astaroth.

Back in his room William is approached by Swallow, who invites him to meet his parents.


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