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Pillar 2
Kanji 第2柱
Rōmaji Dai 2-hashira
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Chapter 02
Release date N/A
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Pillar 2 (第2柱 Dai 2-hashira) is the second chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Dantalion bribes his way out of custody (by using magic to make gold, then making it disappear) and vows to bring the Elector to his side, whatever it takes.

William, meanwhile, has landed in a strange place and meets a person with the head of a goat, and summarily decides that there is a costume party and declares it all a dream. The "goat" wonders at his composure, and addresses William, calling Dantalion his master.

Meanwhile, Dantalion is sneaking around Williams home and gets captured by Kevin, then, upon realising William is no longer there, departs.

William is, at the time, eating delicious desserts and wondering what kind of underground passageway connects his basement to there. He asks if there is an election and where it's held, to find out it's in Hell. Which, of course, only elicits exasperation from William.

William learns more about the selection of the substitute ruler, refusing to believe it. And then the table in front of him explodes, the handiwork of Gilles de Rais - who's come to defeat Dantalion and raise his status.

Gilles tries to take William, meanwhile identifying the "goat" as Baphomet, but is stopped by Dantalion. It is only when he witnesses Dantalion rebuild his home in an instant that William actually calls Dantalion a demon, not believing him before.

Gilles realises William has the right to choose the Substitute, and he and Dantalion square for a fight.


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