Pillar 28
Pillar 28 william isaac
Kanji 第28柱
Rōmaji Dai 28-hashira
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Volume 05
Chapter 28
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Pillar 28 (第24柱 Dai 28-hashira) is the twenty eighth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


William is with the demons while Isaac is being entertained in another room. Samael, Beelzebub and Baalberith introduce themselves to William. He's been called to Hell because Lucifer, ruler of Hell and Purgatory is not going to awaken from his Rest. William callously asks if Lucifer is dying, and gets the answer that Endless Sleep (Death Sleep) is the same as death, as they disappear and turn to dust eventually. The Substitute will now be the Second Lucifer.

Everyone is interested in William's choice, as he is descended from Solomon. William is not interested and turns to leave. Upon Astaroth's question, he says he isn't voting, as he doesn't know anything about Hell. The demons take offence and attack him.

The Ring of Wisdom falls out of his clothes when he falls and the demons, seeing it, attack, forcing William to put it on his finger, awakening Solomon.

On Earth, Kevin and Michael feel him awakening.

Back in Hell, a blinding light is coming from a levitating William. Baalberith takes advantage of the fact that Solomon is not fully awake to order the demons present to attack him. Solomon uses the "Lesser Key of Solomon to defeat them easily. Sytry tries to stop Baalberith, but is thwarted. Astaroth orders troops in the event that Heaven attacks.

Solomon keeps on destroying the place, blasting everyone, including Dantalion (who'd come to help William before), away. Gilles comes and attacks Solomon in order to acquire power and raise his rank. His attack is deflected, and Solomon, not recognising him, inquires if he'd like to become his 73rd pillar - much to the fear of Gilles. Dantalion Wonder is Solomon's consciousness has awakened.

Solomon greets Astaroth and Baalberith, saying he knows that the later was in Israel until the end, after he died. Dantalion takes the chance to jump in and try to remove the ring from his finger, but Solomon doesn't recognise him.


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