Pillar 29
Pillar 29 solomon dantalion
Kanji 第29柱
Rōmaji Dai 29-hashira
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Volume 05
Chapter 29
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Pillar 29 (第29柱 Dai 29-hashira) is the twenty nineth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Dantalion is annoyed that the ring won't come off, and Solomon asks him who he is, much to the former's shock. Solomon then viciously attacks Dantalion for "getting in his way". Camio realises that Dantalion can't defy Solomon as he's contracted to him, and will go into a Death Sleep is his whole lifespan is used up. Sytry wonders why Dantalion is the only one Solomon doesn't remember.

In a chamber in Hell, Lucifer is awake and, much to the surprise and shock of the demons present, saves Dantalion. Solomon recognises him, and, saying he understood, releases his control over William's body. Dantalion manages to remove the ring from William's finger, which is blasted away from his hand. Baalberith tries to take the ring, but is repelled. Sytry, seeing this, thinks to do it, but is stopped by Baalberith, saying if he couldn't do it then Sytry whom he caused to fall wouldn't either. Baalberith wonders why only Dantalion can touch the ring.

William wakes up and immediately goes to pick up his family's only asset. He is surrounded by malcontent demons, ready to attack, but they are stopped by Beelzebub, saying that now that Lucifer is awake there is not need to rush. Samael orders Dantalion to return William to the Human World, while Gilles thinks if only he had the ring not even Baalberith and Astaroth can defy.

In Stratford, Michael orders Uriel to summon William to Heaven Immediately.


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Solomon returns by possessing William, but does not remember Dantalian.


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