Pillar 2: Human and Angel
Makai Ouji EP2 (308)
Season 1 Episode 2
Kanji 第2柱「human and angel」
Rōmaji Dai 2-hashira「human and angel」
Air Date July 14, 2013
Opening Believe My Dice
Ending A Shadow's Love Song
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Pillar 2: Human and Angel (第2柱「human and angel」, Dai 2-hashira「human and angel」) is the second episode of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist anime series. It first aired in Japan, on July 14, 2013.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Isaac attempting to summon a demon. He is successful, but the ritual is interrupted by another demon, who threatens to take Isaac's soul if he isn't taken to the Elector.
Meanwhile, Dantalion reveals that he was the one who paid William's tuition and that he will stay until William chooses him for the throne. William refuses to be indebted to him, and so asks Mycroft Swallow, a friend and fellow prefect, for scholarship forms. Reverend Crosby tells the boys that he senses an evil presence at school, and warns them to be careful.
Dantalion becomes popular with the jocks as he joins the rugby team. As he has to attend business in Hell, he leaves Amon and Mamon to look after William. Later, using Isaac, Sytry introduces himself to William as an underclassman, proposing that his uncle be William's "patron".
Desperate to get rid of Sytry, Isaac tries to summon an angel, but messes up the ritual and summons a demonic boar instead. Sytry kills it, revealing his true nature and presents himself as the viscount and twelfth noble of Hell and one of the Lucifer's candidates. William remains uncaring, so, to force his hand, Sytry captures Isaac, but is foiled by Dantalion. The two demons engage in battle until William forces them to stop, which reminds Sytry of Solomon. Still uncaring for his role as the Elector, William goes away with Isaac, leaving Dantalion and Sytry alone. Sytry points out that despite William being Solomon's reincarnation, he doesn't own the ring, symbol of Solomon's wisdom and his contract with the pillars.
Isaac takes delight in William's status as the Elector and a descendant of Solomon, and informs William that he will be staying at school.
At William's manor, Kevin opens a box containing the ring that once belonged to Solomon.

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