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Pillar 3
Kanji 第3柱
Rōmaji Dai 3-hashira
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Chapter 03
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Pillar 3 (第3柱 Dai 3-hashira) is the third chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Gilles says Dantalion is unable to become the Emperor, to which Dantalion rebuffs that he should burn at the stake again, like his beloved saint. Gilles is enraged, and starts attacking. "Goat" says that Gilles is a member of Baalberith's faction, a "political opponent", commenting it to be a bold assassination attempt. It's revealed that by announcing oneself and killing a powerful demon will raise one's standing in Hell.

Gilles, after being blasted into a wall, comments on Dantalion's strength, remarking that it is no wonder he is favoured by Lucifer. And wonders how much of his soul the former gave to the later, revealing that Dantalion used to be a human. He killed many people, so many the sea turned red.

This time it is Dantalion who is enraged, and he and Gilles continue fighting - until William shouts for them to stop and Dantalion's power fades as a result. William demands to be brought back home and Gilles flees.

Back on Earth, William is eating "the black goat's" food next to a relieved Kevin and throws Amon and Mamon out when they scold him for his insolence to Dantalion. William declares Hell and Demons as nonsense, and Dantalion teleports them both to Egypt asking if he believes him now.

William finds out about Nephilim, how humans become demons, and learns that Heaven does the same, turning humans into angels.

Bach at Stratford, William finds that his school fees have been paid - with a sizable contribution, meeting with Isaac after. There is a new transfer student, who turns out to be Dantalion. He reveals he was the one to pay Williams tuition


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