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Pillar 4
Kanji 第4柱
Rōmaji Dai 4-hashira
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Volume 01
Chapter 04
Release date N/A
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Pillar 4 (第4柱 Dai 4-hashira) is the fourth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Isaac is in the middle of a summoning which succeeds in calling forth a real higher level demon. Isaac is overjoyed, when the demon's stomach rumbles and he starts eating his cookies. The demon then takes a swipe at Isaac, saying he wasn't summoned by him, but came looking for the Elector.

Next William is shown getting ready for the day and meeting up wit Swallow, his fellow prefect/student supervisor. William sleeps through Mass with his eyes open and is confronted by Reverend Ernest, who cautions him as he feels a bad presence nearby. William immediately associates it with Dantalion, who is playing rugby nearby.

Dantalion comes to over convince William to choose him (while boasting of his success in sports), which William staunchly refuses. Amon and Mamon then warn Dantalion that Baalberith's faction is starting to move, and he leaves the two to watch over William. William wants none of it.

William is afterward approached by Isaac, who introduces underclassmen Sytry Cartwright to him. They are interrupted in their conversation by Swallow, who gives scholarship documents to William. They are overheard by Sytry and Isaac, and the former offers his uncle's patronship to William. William is tempted and they arrange to to meet at Sytry's manor during the holidays.

Isaac, knowing Sytry's true nature, is worried. meanwhile is rolling around in joy. He spots Isaac sneaking out, and catches up to him just as the latter is in the midst of another summoning an angel. A demon come out and they run, but are saved by Sytry., whose true nature becomes apparent.


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