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Pillar 5
Kanji 第5柱
Rōmaji Dai 5-hashira
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Volume 01
Chapter 05
Release date N/A
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Pillar 5 (第5柱 Dai 5-hashira) is the fifth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Sytry introduces himself as one of the candidates for Interim ruler and William is crushed, as that means the patronage the former offered was a lie. He turns away to go back to his room, flummoxing Sytry.

Sytry captures Isaac, with the intent to threaten William into choosing him, but the later is rescued by Dantalion.

They insult each other, Dantalion by calling Sytry a lovely doll suited to being a puppet, to which Sytry retaliates by calling the former a dirty Nephilim. The two start fighting, and Sytry summons a Barghest to stop William from leaving. He says Dantalion is incapable of becoming a complete demon and wants to be saved and the two clash again.

William shouts for them to stop, and their powers dissipate.

Sytry is reminded of Solomon, and reminisces on how they met. Solomon carried the sent of Heaven even though he was human, and it was because he'd met God. He then makes Sytry one of his Pillars.

William, however, has had enough and calls them an electric discharge phenomenon and atoms, praising John Dalton. This completely stuns the demons, and William turns to the "dog" threatening to chain him up or stab him with a lightning rod - to which the "dog" beats a teary retreat.

Isaac meanwhile is in awe, and William continues on to say he will not choose anyone or be on anyone's side.

Dantalion and Sytry wonder is William is Solomon after he leaves, remarking that he doesn't have Solomon's Ring. Gilles appears from between Dantalion's legs, disgusting the former, and tells Sytry he's being summoned back to Hell.

In the church, Reverend Crosby notices something ominous.

Isaac is excitedly exclaiming over William's (supernatural) situation, and they notice Dantalion gambling. Exasperated, William returns to his room, only to find Sytry munching on cookies inside. He is 'not amused', taking up Sytry for his comment about being able to fit in better with humans and making him scrub the floors. Outside, Amon, Mamon and Dantalion acknowledge him to be quite formidable/terrifying.

Meanwhile, Kevin is holding a box which contains a ring.


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